Article – The Great Canadian Woman Blog

I was delighted to be published on The Great Canadian Woman blog on launch day of this incredible new platform! An inclusive community, putting Canadian Womxn in the spotlight, I was thrilled to contribute a piece discussing societal timelines and pressures.

Podcast – Jojo Fraser Uncut, Time for a Mojo Injection

Jojo Fraser Uncut, Time for a Mojo Injection has become free therapy in the form of a podcast for people around the globe who want to do the work to grow and live happier, healthier lives.  We all have issues and Jojo covers a lot of sensitive topics in her unique style to help all who listen get a mojo injection, so it was the perfect place to talk about Lou Who?

The episode is just like the book, raw and not in anyway sugarcoated!

Podcast – Word Weaver Podcast

On the launch day of Lou Who? I joined my name twin, Louise Johnson, on her the Word Weaver podcast to talk all things writing and publishing a book.

Louise’s weekly podcast is dedicated to the powerful web words weave and the deep layers they uncover. Each chapter discusses tips, tricks and words of wisdom from writers, authors, creatives and entrepreneurs and how they’ve used words as weapons of mass destruction.

It was a super fun conversation to have on the day Lou Who? launched fully into the world!

Podcast – Social Ramp

I was delighted to recently be a guest on James Faulkner’s the Social Ramp podcast where we talked everything Lou Who?, how the book came to be and dating in Vancouver.

With diverse cultures and ideologies, humans are expected to simply just understand each other and get along, but there is a ramp of acceptance where it gets quite vertical and we often fall down, this is “the Social Ramp”. Entrepreneur, brand strategist and musician James Faulkner interviews interesting people to draw out entertaining tasty nuggets that are engaging and intriguing. An expert in persuasion and culture, James talks to guests about all topics and leaves very little unturned.